About us

At Vital Harvest Store we want you to be brimming with health every day in every way!

Rob and Melissa are the proud owners of Vital Harvest Store, a certified organic health online shop with a difference. Passionate about promoting the most natural lifestyle possible, Rob and Melissa are committed to providing the best natural and organic health and beauty products available on the Australian market.

After research into the health products used by their family, Rob and Melissa found that many of the products that claimed to be “natural” and “organic” were in fact riddled with nasty chemicals and toxins. With the ambition to vitalise the health of their own family and families throughout Australia, Vital Harvest Store was born.

Our certified organic health online shop strives to take to the guess work out of buying the most nourishing health and beauty products online with our committed three-step process to researching, choosing and selling exclusively certified organic products. It is our unique 3 step process to choosing only the highest quality natural health and beauty products for our valued customers that makes Vital Harvest Store stand out as a certified organic health online shop above all others. With rigorous testing of each and every product sold by Vital Harvest Store by our own family, you can rest assured that when you buy from Vital Harvest Store you are buying the highest quality chemical-free products available.